Garden Office Pod

Create a beautiful home office in your garden so you can work in peace, free of interruption.

Garden Studio Pod

Whether artist or artisan, create a spacious, well-lit home studio that works perfectly for you.

Garden Playroom Pod

A kids playroom in your garden means your kids are happy and safe, and you’re at ease.

Garden Gym Pod

Train, keep fit, do your yoga or practise your dance moves whenever you feel like it.

Why chose The Garden Pod?

A Garden Pod is the perfect solution for adding new space to your home, whether as a home office, studio, hobby-room, playroom, home gym, art studio, music room, home cinema, guest-room, or simply a tranquil retreat. We’ll create a stunning bespoke space to suit all your needs.


We’ll discuss exactly what you want, and design the pod to ensure it suits your requirements and needs in terms of layout and interior fittings.


By installing a Garden Pod, you avoid expensive renovations, extensions or office rental. Our Garden Pods are built to the highest standard but at an affordable price. Due to its excellent insulation, you can use our Garden Pod all year round.


Our Garden Pods are made using hand tools, as opposed to by mass production. Our handcrafted products are of the highest quality with great attention to detail.


Our Garden Pod process and materials are eco-friendly. The highly energy-efficient insulation means they can be used all year round. They are low-maintenance and built to last.


We have a simple process – from your initial enquiry and our initial estimate, to a site visit and detailed discussion, followed by our final quote and agreement on the schedule.
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Eco Friendly

We use environmentally-friendly building materials, we follow good waste-management processes, and minimize your running costs after installation by using highly energy efficient insulation.

The Garden Pod Solutions

Our Garden Pod is the perfect solution for adding a new space to your home. We can design a bespoke pod that suits your exact needs – whether a home office, artist’s studio, hobby room, gym, children's playroom, or a space that can be used for a combination of purposes.

Work from home

Garden Office Pod

Be creative

Garden Studio Pod

Cosy place for kids

Garden Playroom Pod

Stay fit

Garden Gym Pod

To see examples, go to our Gallery Page.