Garden Gym Pod / Fitness Room

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, lots of people have started exercising in their own homes.
They’ve discovered the benefits of having their own gym at home, giving them control over when they work out.

It’s an ideal way for busy people to carry out strength and fitness training in the comfort of their own home.

A beautiful space that keeps you motivated

With a garden gym, you just stroll over to it whenever you want. You can use the space for yoga or meditation, pilates, to practise your dance moves or whatever takes your fancy.

Just send us the basic details of what you want – size of unit, number of windows and doors, a photo of the location in your garden, and we’ll get the project rolling by sending you an initial estimate. Contact us today!

Space for Yoga / Meditation

Whether you want to practise yoga for its physical or spiritual benefits, or both, we can design a space that is perfect for you – with the lighting, atmosphere, warmth and cosiness you need. If you wish, we can install large windows so you can enjoy your garden while you’re holding your postures.

Strength and fitness training

With a mix of free weights and cardio machines, you can have a beautiful little home gym that gives you a full workout while saving you the cost of gym membership and travel.

Practise your dance moves

Imagine using your Garden Pod for dancing! Dancing is not only a whole-body workout; it’s fun. It makes you stronger, is good for your heart, and improves your balance and coordination. And you can dance to your heart’s delight without anyone seeing you…

Garden Gym Projects

Garden Gym Pod with Storage Unit

Our clients were a young professional couple who had bought a new house with a plain garden. Before spending any money on garden design, they wisely decided to plan what they needed in terms of storage and their working-out and keeping-fit activities.
To maximize the internal space and minimize the garden area used, we decided to build the Garden Pod between the boundary lines, with a minimum gap.

We designed one quarter of the unit as a storage unit and three-quarters as the Garden Gym or Fitness Room. A solid panel door was required for the shed area to provide extra security, and a frosted glass French door was requested for the Garden Gym to ensure privacy.
After the Gym and Storage Pod had been completed, the owners laid down a grass area and paving that make it an integral part of their garden.

Garden Gym Pod

Ronan had just bought his new house and was looking into the various options for having a small garden gym. Our bespoke Garden Gym Pod – installed at one end of his T-shaped garden – turned out to be the perfect solution. We installed full walls, ceiling and floor insulation, a heat & cooling unit to ensure comfort all year round, and grey double-glazed windows and door to match the colours of the windows and doors of the house. Red cedar external cladding with wall lights give the gym pod a lovely warm look and ambiance.

We have a slightly unusual T-shaped back garden and deliberated long and hard over getting a steel shed or building a bespoke solution into one end of the T.However, once we met with Alin, it quickly became apparent that his capability and attention to detail would deliver what we wanted – and more! Pictures don’t do justice to the excellent workmanship and how he solved problems that others struggled with. We are very happy with the end result and could not recommend Alin (and team) highly enough.
Ronan   | Lucan, Co Dublin.