Garden Playroom Pod

Children love garden playrooms – and so do adults!

Imagine a space for your children to play in, a few steps from your house, giving you not only the peace and quiet you need but also peace of mind, since you know your kids are happy and safe.

A garden playroom is a great solution if you’re running out of space in your home, especially if you’ve got a large family.

A multifunctional kids space

It can be used as a cinema room at other times, for computer games, as a hobby-room, or as a games-room for snooker, table-tennis, etc. It can be as multifunctional as you wish.

Just send us the basic details of what you want – size of unit, number of windows and doors, a photo of the location in your garden, and we’ll get the project rolling by sending you an initial estimate. Contact us today!

Games room / cinema

A Garden Pod makes a fantastic games room, whether for computer games, snooker, table-tennis or whatever you fancy. You can even incorporate a bar for regular refreshment. And to relax afterwards, you can also use it as a cinema room.

Teenage Den

A Garden Pod makes a great teenage den, a space for your growing kids to hang out in privacy with their friends – and keep them from wandering off into the distance where you don’t know what they’ll get up to!

Kids playroom

A Garden Pod is the perfect space for your children to play in. Since they’ll be just a few steps away from you, you’ll not only enjoy peace and quiet but also be assured that they are both happy and safe.

Garden Playroom Projects

Garden Playroom Pod

Imagine having a beautiful, safe space where your children can play that is just a few steps from your house – giving you not only peace and quiet but also peace of mind, since you know your kids are happy and safe.

If you’re running out of space in your home, especially if you’ve got a large family, a garden playroom is a fantastic solution. We can provide you with a superb, readymade Garden Playroom Pod that we can install in your garden rapidly and efficiently.

Garden Playroom Pod – as multifunctional as you want
The playroom pod can be as multifunctional as you like. You can use it as a kids’ play space, a hobby-room, a den for teenagers, a games-room for snooker, table-tennis, computer games, a cinema room, etc.

It’s finished to extremely high standards, with plastered walls and ceiling and a 12mm laminate floor that is robust and easy to clean. The 150mm walls and ceiling insulation, rigid foam base insulation and triple-glazed windows and doors ensure that it’s easy to keep the pod warm and cosy.

We will install the steel-frame base on the ground using ground screws, which avoids the mess and commotion that digging, removing soil and working with concrete give rise to – and, of course, you won’t upset your neighbours! Another advantage is that we can relocate the base at any stage in the future.

Other features are:
  • 1KW High Quality Thermic Emission Oil with quick heat-up times

  • Open Window Technology that improves energy efficiency

  • Lifestyle heater, complete with large, easy-to-read TFT display and a digital thermostat that is accurate to 0.2°C and silent

  • 6 internal LED recessed lights and external recessed and wall lights to provide great lighting at low cost

  • Electrical consumer unit, complying with regulations and giving full control of all circuits/electric points

  • Double sockets at each corner of the unit, allowing for variation in office layout

  • A high-level wall socket so that you can install a wall bracket and connect a TV or gaming screen.

Kids Playroom Garden Pod

The home-owners decided to move into the house of an older family member. They extended the house in order to create a one-bed apartment, using the old family playroom for this purpose. So they then looked into the options for a new family playroom.

We installed a Garden Playroom Pod on one side of the garden, between the new extension and the boundary walls, to still leave access to the side and maintain a nice regular-shaped garden for entertaining and plants.

Children Playroom Garden Pod

The client asked us to install a Garden Playroom Pod for their children, using a garden space that had been used for a shed. One challenge for us was the fact that the garden had just been redesigned, so we had to do our work with minimal disturbance to the new borders and flower beds. We also had to fit the Playroom Pod into a tight space.
Overall, it’s is a great playroom that nicely complements the clients’ garden.

Maximising the use of space, we installed the Garden Playroom Pod in a corner between flower beds and very tight to the fence lines.
To provide good interior lighting and ventilation, and to ensure safety for the children, we installed high-level windows.
For privacy, we used tinted reflective glass for the access door and the two windows.