The Garden Pod provides solutions for people who want a garden office so they can work from home, an art studio (for music, painting, sculpturing, pottery, etc), a children’s playroom or teen den, a home gym, a games room, a therapy room, or simply a refuge of calm outside the house.

Our Garden Pods are well-insulated and thermally efficient, so they’re warm and cosy throughout the winter.
We can supply a combined heating/air-conditioning system to ensure maximum comfort all year round.

We provide our services in the Greater Dublin area. If you're outside that region, just send us an enquiry, using our contact form, saying where you live, and we'll let you know if we can assist.


Base structure

A Garden Pod requires a stable base.
• Top soil removed and ground prepared with compacted stones
• Concrete slab laid down with reinforcing mesh to create the base of the structure

Walls and roof structure

The walls and roof will have:
• Timber frame structure with OSB plywood
• Breather membrane, Red Cedar and corrugated still exterior finish
• Internal 100-150mm mineral wool insulation
• Plasterboard with skim coat finish

Windows and doors

The windows and doors can be ordered in a range of sizes and colours, such as white, grey & mahogany.
• Double or triple-glazed windows
• Double or triple glazed French door or sliding door

Internal floor

Above the finished concrete, we install:
• Timber battens with rigid foam insulation between
• OSB plywood, under-layer and laminate floorboard
• Perimeter timber skirting boards


For each garden pod will install:
• Electrics fuseboard
• Internal recessed ceiling lights, and external wall lights
• Internal wall sockets and external socket
• Electric wall panel heater

External cladding treatment

Redwood components and molded boards are treated with Osmo products, which are effectively wax/oil preparations using a penetrative vegetable oil base.


  • 1
    Details from you
  • 2
    Initial estimate
  • 3
    Site visit
  • 4
    Final quotation
  • 5
    Project Agreement

Step 1Send us the basic details of what you want such as the size of the unit, the number of windows and doors and a photo of the location in your garden.

Step 2We send you an initial estimate based on your basic details.

Step 3If the estimate is within your budget, we will organize a site visit, discuss the location and layout of the unit and details such as windows and door size, electrical wall sockets and lights, internal floor, etc.

Step 4We prepare the final quote. If you wish, we can also prepare a 3D version of the unit for a cost of €100 (+VAT). If you engage us to complete the project, we deduct this amount from the final price.

Step 5Once you commission us to carry out the project, we agree the project with all relevant dates and payments.


We mainly supply garden offices, children’s playrooms, art studios and garden gyms, but a Garden Pod can be used for almost anything.
You can also use the Garden Pod as a multipurpose space which works, say, as an office during the week and a children’s play area at weekends.
Just tell us what you want, and we’ll design and install the perfect solution for you.

  • Home or garden office
  • Children’s playroom
  • Teen den
  • Garden classroom
  • Home gym or fitness room
  • Art studio
  • Music studio
  • Cinema room
  • Photography studio
  • Hobby room
  • Garden workshop
  • Private consulting room
  • Therapy room
  • Video conferencing

Expanding your home at low cost

When families need more space, to enable home working, say, or to cope with the needs of a growing family, they generally think of building an extension or moving house.

Having a garden room is a cheaper way of expanding your home – thus avoiding an expensive extension or paying tens of thousands of Euro in order to move to a larger house.

And you stay in the same area you currently live in, thus avoiding changing school or sport club, or removing your children from their current network of friends. Quite apart from all the benefits you get from having a garden room, it’s estimated that it can add up to 7% to the value of your home. Even if you’ve got a small garden, people often find that a fine-looking Garden Pod actually enhances the space.


We give a 10-year structural warranty.
We make every effort to ensure that the Garden Pod, when well maintained, has as long a service life as possible. That’s why we use high-quality materials so that the Garden Pod will look well and perform well for a long time. We offer a routine maintenance visit 4-5 years after the Garden Pod has been installed, to deal with any issues that have arisen.