Garden Office Pod

More and more people are working from home (WfH) – not only because of Covid-19 but also because they want a better work-life balance.

They want to spend more time with their family and avoid long commuting times, while also benefiting from the way technology lets you work from just about anywhere.

No more working on a kitchen table with noise all around you, having to ask family members to stay quiet while you take a phone or conference call, or suffering ceaseless interruptions.

Save time and money

Research shows that, when working from home, people work more, are more productive, and save time and money. Our Garden Office Pod is not a large shed or a cabin. It’s a beautiful working space, bright, warm, finely crafted, and low-maintenance. You can concentrate on work or enjoy family life as and when you need to or want.

Just send us the basic details of what you want – size of unit, number of windows and doors, a photo of the location in your garden, and we’ll get the project rolling by sending you an initial estimate. Contact us today!

Garden Office

Some jobs can’t be done from home, but many jobs can, at least partially. And that means more time, better work-life balance, greater flexibility, less commuting, better family life, and avoiding the costs of commuting and food on-the-go.

Video conferencing

If you run an online business, you’ll enjoy working in a quiet, well-insulated garden room – and you can equip it with whatever you want so that it’s a perfect space for recording videos or for conferencing.

Private consulting

If you run a service from your home, you can use a Garden Pod as a quiet, separate space for you and your clients to meet, whether you’re a counsellor, lawyer, accountant, therapist, masseur or psychologist.

Garden Office Pod Projects

A Beautiful, Cozy Garden Office Pod

Our client wanted an independent home office to maintain work-life balance; a well-insulated unit with triple-glazed windows and door for maximum comfort all year around.
We chose the location and designed the layout of the office so that it had minimal impact on the neighbour’s property and to maximize the benefit of natural light.

Despite the layout of the property, a mid-terrace house, we ensured that this cozy Garden Office fitted neatly with the house and within the garden. And, thanks to the client’s furnishing, internal decoration and final touches, this Garden Office looks wonderfully welcoming and cozy.

Bespoke Garden Office

Our clients, a couple, were both working at home part-time. Since they often had to take calls at the same time, and also engage in video conferencing and online meetings, they had to use two different rooms of their house, well separate from each other.
They wanted an independent building for their work, away from home life and distraction. Due to the spacious back garden, a bespoke garden office was the perfect solution to give them a good home/office balance.
They wanted to maximize the use of a garden corner, without encroaching on the garden patio, and to incorporate the Garden Office in the layout of the garden.

We custom-designed and installed the Garden Office with a small storage unit for garden tools. We included a side window that provides good natural light, and a view of the house. We located the French door so that it would give good access to the unit while connecting the indoor space with the outdoor patio.
Due to the natural colors and Red Cedar exterior finishes, the office blends beautifully with the mature garden.
Along with an office in the house, the couple now have a lovely Garden Office that they can share between them as need be.

Garden Office Pod

The Garden Pod team recently finished this bespoke Garden Pod designed to make the most of this fantastic garden space. The client needed a dedicated space for a home office and to double up as a recording studio.

This spacious Garden Office Pod (3x4m) has plenty of room to feature a home office – desk space, shelving, storage including a relaxed seating area for meetings or recording music.
Situated in the corner of our client’s garden, the garden pod includes an extended roof creating an overhang feature which adds to the detail of the pod.

Finished in red cedar wood, triple glazing window and doors, and 150mm insulation, ensuring a garden room which is comfortable to use all year round. We completed the project with composite decking to link the main house and garden room and installed lights along the edges drawing the eye to the pod.

All our designs are bespoke, and we can alter the dimensions to suit your garden size, as well as the location of windows and doors to optimise sunlight and the best use of your available space.

Garden Home Office Pod

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are increasingly working from home (WfH). According to a Central Statistics Office (CSO) survey, some 90% of 35-44 year-olds want to continue working from home when restrictions end. And 93% of survey participants employed in Dublin commuter areas such as Kildare, Louth, Meath and Wicklow, who could work remotely, wanted to continue doing so after the pandemic.

Working from home ensures a better work-life balance, more time with family, and avoiding long commuting times.
If you’re able to work from home, we have the perfect solution for you – so that you don’t have to work on a kitchen table with noise all around you, ask family members to stay quiet while you take a phone or conference call, or suffer repeated interruptions.

Garden Office Pod – perfect for working from home
We can provide you with our superb Garden Office Pod – finished to very high standards, including plastered walls and ceiling and a robust 12mm laminate floor. It will be easy to keep warm and cosy thanks to the 150mm walls and ceiling insulation, rigid foam base insulation, triple-glazed windows and doors, 1KW High Quality Thermic Emission Oil with quick heat-up times, and Open Window Technology that improves energy efficiency.
It's got a steel-frame base, which we will install on the ground using ground screws, which avoids the mess created by digging, removing soil, working with concrete – and annoying your neighbours! Another advantage is that the base can be relocated at any stage in the future.

Other features are:
  • Lifestyle heater, complete with large, easy-to-read TFT display and a digital thermostat that is accurate to 0.2°C and silent

  • 6 internal LED recessed lights and external recessed and wall lights to provide great lighting at low cost

  • Electrical consumer unit, complying with regulations and giving full control of all circuits/electric points

  • Double sockets at each corner of the unit, allowing for variation in office layout.

Small Home Office Pod

Our client, who runs a small family business, wanted a dedicated home office. He was using his attic bedroom as a temporary office while looking for the right option for a more accessible and dedicated office.
Because of its size and layout, the garden would not provide the space needed, so we designed and installed a Home Office Pod beside the back door of the house. We used the overhanging roof-line to link and shelter the transit from back door to office door.

One section of the new unit, with its own access from the garden, stores all the business tools and other items needed.

So, in the end, even though the garden was not suitable for a home office, an excellent solution was found. The client now has a home office that ticks all the boxes in his list of requirements. As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Garden Office Pod with Storage Unit

With remote working now on the increase, this project is the perfect example of how installing a garden pod can transform how you work and live in your home. Our client asked for two things, a home office - separate to the house and a workshop for their hobby with storage.
The Garden Pod team took advantage of the spacious passageway at the side of the home and created a storage and workshop area.

This space connects directly to the garden office which is also accessible from the back garden by triple glazed double doors.

As all our Garden Pods are bespoke, The Garden Pod team will discuss exactly what you require and design your pod to ensure that all of your requirements are met while working within the constraints of your garden space.

Compact Garden Office Pod

Our client asked us to build a Compact Garden Office with just enough space for a desk and a few storage shelves.
The proposed area in the garden for this Office Pod was not to exceed a paved area that had been used for outdoor seating.

We designed and installed the garden pod so that an existing paved path could be used to access the garden office, and we used some of the existing paving slabs to install a convenient step-up into the office.
To improve the Office Pod’s appearance and to provide shelter for its front wall, we installed an overhang roof with recessed light.