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We design and build bespoke, stylish, practical and affordable Garden Pods for a wide range of uses – from home office, children’s playroom and teenage den to garden gym, gamesroom, crafts room and yoga or meditation space, or simply a relaxing space for normal daily activities.
A Garden Pod is a stunning addition to any garden, an insulated space for all-year-round use, with heating, lighting and power. If you need a multi-functional space to add to your home or business, they are a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution.

Stylish | Practical | All-year-round | Cost-effective | Low-maintenance

With our passion for and long experience in wood carving (a family activity for over six decades), combined with skills and experience in the building industry, our move into the garden pod market was a natural progression.

We design, build and install a wide range of practical, stylish, affordable Garden Pods, of different designs, sizes and features for a variety of work and leisure uses. We take great pleasure in creating individual solutions, designing with our customers the garden pod that best fits their needs.

We use high-quality materials so, if a Garden Pod is well maintained, it lasts a long time. We do not expect any problems to arise, but if they do we will follow up. As well, four or five years after we install your Garden Pod, we will carry out a routine maintenance visit to deal with any issues that may have arisen.

Top quality in every detail

Construction: A strong framework, with timbers of 4”x2” and 6”x2”, depending on the spec, covered by layers on both the exterior and interior sides that include structural boards to ensure strength and membranes to prevent moisture from entering. Exterior cladding boards are fixed over all this. Add insulation, and you have interior surfaces similar to those in a house.
Materials: The durable timber we use for the exterior cladding needs little or no maintenance. The interior has high-spec pasteboard and a decorated finish, while, for the flooring, you can choose between laminate and engineered board.
Insulation: Our Garden Pod is fully insulated, as standard. As in your house, you will need some heating on colder days, but the insulation will prevent the warmth from escaping rapidly to the outside. The insulation also keeps the interior cooler on very hot days.
Glazing: Double-glazed or triple-glazed windows and doors.
Doors and windows: Stable and low-maintenance PVC frames for both doors and windows.
Lifespan: The Garden Pod is designed to last for several decades, with little maintenance. The wall cladding, roof coverings, doors and windows are highly durable. Along with minimum maintenance, we recommend a recoat of the exterior cladding every 4-5 years.
Electrics: The Garden Pod is electrically wired up, as standard. The cables are incorporated inside the wall structure.
Eco-friendly: We use green materials, have a careful waste-management process, and ensure that the running costs of pods are minimal.
Added value: A high-quality Garden Pod is likely to add up to 7% to the value of your house if you’re selling it.

New home, extension or garden room?

If you are running out of space or want to add new space for work or family activities, you can buy a new home, extend your current house or install a garden room.

Moving to a larger house requires a considerable investment as well as involving all the stress of house-moving. Extending your house, too, is an expensive option and involves both stress and disruption.

Adding a garden room to your home is both much cheaper and much easier. For a fraction of the price of extending your house, you can enjoy a beautiful insulated and heated garden room that can be used throughout the year.

Just send us the basic details of what you want:

  • what you’d like to use your garden room for
  • the size of the unit required
  • the number of windows and doors
  • a photo of the location in your garden
  • and we’ll get the project rolling by sending you an initial estimate.
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