Garden Studio Pod

A Garden Studio Pod is a superb solution for artists of all types to work at home. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, musician, potter or photographer, you can help design the space so that it works perfectly for you. You can choose the position of the windows to ensure good natural light or include a space for storing or cleaning your tools.

Just send us the basic details of what you want – size of unit, number of windows and doors, a photo of the location in your garden, and we’ll get the project rolling by sending you an initial estimate. Contact us today!

Painter's Studio

Whether you’re a professional artist or an aspiring painter, we can design a beautiful garden studio for you with great natural light and lots of space for your materials, including a sink for washing up. Enjoy the freedom to be creative!

Hair and Beauty Studio

If you’re a hairdresser or beauty therapist, we can design a garden room to fit your needs, so that it can accommodate storage, a treatment couch, a wash-basin, a pedicure station or nail bar.

Teaching room

If you’re a teacher, you can use a garden studio to give lessons to your students – a great option as long as the Covid-19 restrictions continue, and which you can convert for other uses later.

Garden Home Studio Projects

Garden Home Studio Pod

Our client wanted an outdoor Garden Studio incorporating a reception area with kitchenette, a garden office room and a wet room – in all, a studio that could accommodate the family’s business office, and eventually meetings, during weekdays, and could be used at weekends by the entire family, including as a teen den.

The initial plan was to build the studio in units and deliver to the client’s garden, but due to difficulty in accessing the property and the long distance between the driveway and the proposed location of the unit in the garden, our team did all the work on site. The physical layout and sizes of the windows and doors were designed to maximize natural light and allow for great views of the surrounding countryside.

Garden Studio – multi-purpose
The access doors and electric points give the owner the option to easily change the functions of the entire Garden Studio unit, including making it suitable for temporary accommodation.

We installed a composite deck around the studio to accommodate an outdoor seating area where people could enjoy the quiet and relaxing garden oasis.

We thank the owners for choosing our team to build this beautiful Garden Studio unit –one of our best and most interesting projects.

Garden Studio Office Pod

The home-owner wanted a Garden Studio to serve as an independent space for use by two young family members to entertain their friends.
For convenience, the studio had to include a small kitchenette and shower room.

To provide privacy, we designed the Garden Studio so that people in the house do not have a direct view of it, and, for extra privacy, used tinted reflective glass on the door and windows. The garden is large, allowing for a Garden Studio with a footprint of 24m2 to be installed along a boundary wall. The window and double door face the mature garden trees and plants.